Located in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, Cribbet & French, LLC harnesses over three decades of legal wisdom in Colorado’s High Country. We strive be more more than just your attorneys – we are your steadfast partners. We’ve walked the path of law through changing landscapes and have built a legacy of success, trust, and unwavering commitment to our clients. Let us guide you through your journey, with our experience as your compass and our expertise as your map.

About Cribbet & French, LLC

Our Mission

Our  mission is to offer affordable and comprehensive legal representation with respect to marital, commercial, real, intellectual and estate property law. Additionally, we provide unparalleled service in the areas of criminal defense, domestic relations and civil litigation including personal injury.

We believe that a quality working relationship between a client and attorney is the most important part of legal representation. To that end, we keep our overhead low, are readily accessible and, most importantly, are forthright with our clients’ resolution options. We welcome the opportunity to get to know you and formulate a workable solution to your legal needs.

Why a Bristlecone for our logo?

Bristlecone pines (Pinus longaeva) are the oldest non-clonal plants on the face of the Earth. They are resilient and strong. They grow in the most difficult environments along limestone ridges at high altitudes where harsh temperatures, lightning, hail, sleet, snow, sun and high winds twist and gnarl their trunks and branches. Bristlecones have overseen the rise and fall of great empires, survived ice-ages and endured catastrophic volcanic eruptions.

It is the resilience and persistence of these amazing organisms that Cribbet & French, LLC strives to emulate. When you need counsel or advocacy,  we provide the anchor necessary to weather any storm.

Our Attorneys

Cribbet & French, LLC  was founded in 2023 by Mark D. Cribbet and Natalie J. French in response to the needs of High Rockies’ residents.

Natalie and Mark previously worked together at a small Frisco, CO firm practicing in real property, commercial transactions, domestic relations, criminal matters and personal injury cases before founding Cribbet & French, LLC.

Mark D. Cribbet

Mark focuses his practice on real property, estate planning, intellectual property (trademark and copyright), commercial transactions, civil litigation and criminal defense. Learn more about Mark.

Natalie J. French

Natalie focuses her practice on civil litigation including personal injury, domestic relations, torts, real property and business disputes. Learn more about Natalie.

Contact us

We are conveniently located in the EVO3 Workspace in Frisco, Colorado at 620 E. Main Street, #6, Frisco, CO 80443.

T: (970) 313-4998
Hours: M-F, 8:30a-5:00p

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