Estate Property

Wills – Having a will ensures that your last wishes are honored and your loved ones are able to administer your estate in the most cost-effective manner possible. The firm can handle simple or complex estate documents ensuring your assets go to the people, charities or trusts you intend.

Trusts – The firm drafts trust documents to administer assets during your lifetime as well as after your death. Additionally, the firm will review trust documents to ensure that they comport with Colorado law in the event some of the trust assets are situated in Colorado but the trust is administered in other jurisdictions.

Living Will – The firm drafts and advises clients on their living wills. In the event of your incapacity, a living will ensures that your end-of-life decisions are understood by those who have to honor them.

Powers of Attorney

Medical Durable – In the event of your incapacity, ensure that the right person(s) is making the right medical decisions on your behalf and that the decisions made under the terms of your Living Will are executed.

Financial – In the event of your incapacity, ensure that your financial decisions are executed by the person(s) you trust most.