Real Property and Natural Resources

Transactions – Cribbet & French, LLC reviews, revises and advises clients on contracts, financing methods, new construction and other aspects of buying and selling residential and commercial real estate throughout the state of Colorado. The firm handles “for-sale-by-owner” as well as concerns ancillary to brokered transactions.

Title Issues – We review and satisfy title objections made by buyers and title companies to ensure your real estate closing occurs on time.

Easements – We review, negotiate and draft easements for real property access as well as those easements which may be necessary for encroachments or access to undeveloped land.

Deeds – We can advise you on which type of deed best protects your interests in any transfer of real property either through review or creation of a deed on your behalf.

Leases – We review residential and commercial leases with a specific eye toward a tenant’s needs. Additionally, the firm drafts residential and commercial leases for property owners with the same intent.

Deeds of Trust – We review and draft Deeds of Trust for real property. A Deed of Trust is Colorado’s mechanism for securing money owed in a real property transaction. Other jurisdictions utilize a mortgage process, but Colorado has elected to simplify the foreclosure process using the Deed of Trust.

Promissory Notes – We review and draft Promissory Notes which memorialize money owed in a real estate transaction. The Promissory Note is secured by a Deed of Trust and is often drafted in conjunction therewith.

Homeowners Associations – We draft HOA documents, review the same and advise Associations and individual members of Associations of their rights pursuant the Colorado Common Interest Ownership Act and the Association’s governing documents.

Entity Creation and Fractional Ownership – We advise owners who purchase real property as an investment and are interested in protecting their assets with commercial mechanisms such as LLCs or corporations. Additionally, we can advise on fractional ownership considerations in the event your real property project has multiple investors.

Short-term Rentals – We advise clients with regard to licensing their short-term rentals as rural, resort community municipalities begin to regulate the short-term rental market and restrict owners’ property rights.

Mineral Rights – The firm advises mineral owners and E&Ps on their rights with respect to the minerals underlying real property. The firm generates and reviews mineral title opinions and oil and gas leases among other aspects of oil and gas exploration.

Water Law – Water rights in the Rocky Mountain region are complicated and increasingly important in residential and commercial real property developments and disputes. The firm will assist you in understanding your rights and access to this valuable resource.

Landlord-Tenant Matters – We handle landlord-tenant matters on behalf of both landlords and tenants related to evictions (Forcible Entry and Detainer), breach of contract and security deposit returns.